Rusty Rivets is the title character and protagonist of Rusty Rivets.


Rusty is a young inventor and mechanic who uses spare machine parts to create his own makeshift contraptions.


Rusty has fair skin, bright green eyes, and dark blue hair. He wears blue jeans, a gray tool belt, a pair of goggles, sneakers, gloves, and an orange T-shirt with a lightning bolt badge on the center.


Rusty has his own Go-Kart, which he often upgrades. It is blue, gray, and orange. He uses this vehicle to get around and to transport his machines from place to place.


  • "Modified, customized, rustified!"
  • "Time to bolt!"
  • "Put it all together and we got our plan!"
  • "Let's combine it and design it!"


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Supporting Characters
Liam McLoudOfficer CarlRanger AnnaSammy ScoopsChef BettyMr. Higgins

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