The Guru Studio Pilot is the first of two pilot episodes for Rusty Rivets. The concept for the show was vastly different at the time of its production. Rusty and Ruby were the only main characters from this pilot who were not scrapped or changed entirely.



Rusty and his robot friend try to build the perfect motorbike.


  • Nazar Yarish, a product developer for Spin Master, was in charge of designing Rusty, his equipment, and Ruby's vehicle.
  • Animator Dejan Brujic (who worked on the pilot) describes Rusty as a "kid inventor with [a] self-made robot as a friend." This implies that Rusty had one robot on his team, rather than six.
  • In addition to Rusty's robot, a flying robot with abilities similar to those of Whirly appeared in the pilot. It is unknown whether or not this robot was built by Rusty.
  • According to a report published by Playback Online, Guru Studio put $11,000 toward developing the show in 2014.



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